For schools and cultural institutions

We offer substantial discount to music schools, conservatoirs and music universities.

Regular maintenance of pianos

Regular maintenance is recommended for all music schools and cultural institutions. This includes apart from tuning also cleaning, string replacements a small repairs. During the maintenance we make a complete check up of the piano. Regular and professional maintenance prolongs substantially the life span of all pianos.

Maintenance contract option

The maintenance contract will provide you regular maintenance in specified periodicity. We contact each client ahead to arrange the maintenance visit. Our expert technicians perform the maintenance and provide the client a detailed report of the condition of pianos. This helps the schools and institutions in planning the maintenance and development of their instrument assets.

Piano inventory and photo documentation

We produce inventory of all pianos and their condition evaluated with respect to the needs of the institution. This report contains detailed information about each instrument and includes any defects or potential problems. The condition of each piano is also documented with photos. This inventory is essential for long-term planning of investments to the instruments.

Sale of Petrof and C. Bechstein pianos

We sell renowned pianos from Petrof and C. Bechstein. We make efforts to provide tailor-made offers to our customers to fulfil individual needs, even the most demanding. We perform also after-sale, warranty and after-warranty services for these brands.


We offer complete consultancy for purchase and selling of instrument and planning the investments into instruments. We are happy to help you with any issue linked to pianos Obrátit se na nás můžete s jakýmkoli problémem týkajícím se klavírů a pianin using our contact informations or by filling the form: