Repairs and renovation of pianos

We provide maintenance of pianos directly at the customer. Particularly it concerns tuning, cleaning, adjustments or intonation of the instruments, string replacement and other small repairs which can be carried out on place.

In our professionally equipped workshop, we also perform the most demanding repairs of grand and upright pianos, including complete repairs of action mechanisms, bridge and pin block, repairs of sound boards and high gloss surface finish treatments. Many repaired pianos provide good service to schools and cultural institutions all over Czech Republic. You can see samples of our renovations in Gallery of renovations.


  • complete overhaul
  • repairs of sound boards
  • repairs and varnishing of cast iron frames
  • repairs of bridges
  • repairs and replacement of pin blocks
  • tuning pins replacements
  • string replacements
  • complete repairs of action mechanisms
  • repairs of surface finish

Small repair at customer

  • cleaning of pianos
  • replacement of single strings
  • small repairs of action mechanisms
  • adjustments of grand and upright pianos’ action mechanisms
  • adjustments of intonation
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    How often to perform regular maintenance?

    We recommend regular maintenance to all grand pianos and upright pianos. This includes apart from tuning also other actions like cleaning, string replacement and small repairs. You can find recommendation for maintenance intervals in following table:

    Cleaningonce in 3 years
    Adjustments of action mechanismonce in 4 years
    Intonation of hammersonce in 4 years
    Condition check and small repairsafter each tunning