Piano tuning and small repairs

Tuning of pianos is our main focus from beginning of PPH Collegium. Our vast experience with pianos of different brands, constructions and age allows us to provide wide variety of services. These include piano tuning for the households and also preparation of pianos for pianist masters.

We offer

  • Piano tuning for the households
  • Piano tuning for schools and cultural institutions
  • Tuning for concerts and recordings
  • Assistance for concerts and recordings
  • Preparation of grand pianos for pianist masters
  • Tuning specific pitch
  • Tuning harmonisation for two pianos
  • Tuning of detuned pianos to standard pitch
  • Small repairs at the client

To order please call +420 722 873 334 or fill the form:

    How often to tune a piano?

    The next table shows recommendation about periodicity of tuning for grand pianos and upright pianos. We often encounter pianos which were not maintained several years. These instruments suffer from the lack of regular maintenance and in this case the service is more time consuming.

    Piano departments of conservatoires and music universitiesonce per month
    Conservatoires and music universitiesat least twice a year
    Music schoolstwice a year
    Primary schools and kindergartensonce a year
    Householdsonce a year or once in two years