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Accessories for Grand & Upright Pianos

We offer grand & upright piano stools, leatherette covers for grand & upright pianos, moisture stabilizers (Dampp-Chaser), piano lamps for grand & upright pianos, piano dollies for grand & upright pianos for easy handling (e.g. on podiums), children right pedal extender, additional piano locks (including the installation).

Stools for grand & upright pianos

piano stools

PPH Collegium offers a wide variety of stools, ranging from round rotating stools to stools with adjustable height. The design can be customized to meet individual client's needs. The customer can select from inexhaustible options from our catalogue.

Leatherette covers for grand & upright pianos

A leatherette cover for any grand piano or upright piano model can be ordered by PPH Collegium. The covers secure the instrument finish against the mechanical damage.

Moisture stabilizers (Dampp-Chaser)

moisture stabilizers

Moisturising system adapts the moisturising values in the very near of the instrument. It balances the unsuitable ambient moisture parameters (either too low, or too high humidity). The system works automatically according to the values measured by the humidity sensor. Evaporation of water from the evaporating vessel is signalled by a signalling lamp, which indicates the necessity to top up water.

Piano lamps for grand & upright pianos

Piano lamp

PPH Collegium offers both stylish piano lamps and candle holders as well as modern music-rest lighting in many different designs.

Piano dollies for grand & upright pianos

piano dollies

These dollies from PPH Collegium portfolio offer you easy handling for both grand pianos and upright pianos. The dollies make it possible for one person to move the piano.

Children right pedal extender

children right pedal extender

PPH Collegium offers children right pedal extenders. Even small children can reach the right pedal with this extender.

Additional piano locks

PPH Collegium offers the additional piano locks, which enable you to lock the piano with the second parallel FAB type lock.

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