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A Few Words About PPH Collegium

PPH Collegium - Workroom

PPH Collegium was founded in 1994. The company focused on tuning and smaller repairs by the customers in the early beginnings of its existence. As the company grew, it started to provide its services also to primary art schools, academies of music and other similar institutes all over the Czech Republic.

PPH Collegium - Workroom PPH Collegium performs a complete service and consultancy in many of them now. The company also cooperates with piano dealers of grand & upright piano manufacturers and provides a service and a guarantee service for the sold pianos.

PPH Collegium - Showroom Both partial and complete grand & upright piano repairs and repairs of some kinds of clavicembalos and spinets on the top level are the specialisation of PPH Collegium nowadays. However, the company also purchases the old instruments and sells the repaired ones. PPH Collegium also focuses on repairs of instruments with a high historical value, where an authenticity must be kept.

PPH Collegium - Showroom The company provides a tuning, a service and a repair service all over the Czech Republic today. These services are also provided across the whole Europe, if requested. All the services are performed by professionals with many years of experience in grand & upright piano building. Some of them have even the highest possible qualification in this field.

PPH Collegium - Showroom

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